This website does not own any of the songs seen here.

All songs here copyright to their respective owners

This website does not claim ownership of any song or pictures displayed here
unless stated otherwise.

We do not monetize this website or any of the contents placed here.

Furthermore, This website does not knowingly intend to offend or violate any copyright or intellectual property rights of any entity,and also ready to take down any content upon request.

In Addition all songs/content seen here are content directly embedded from Artists user account on Soundcloud, which soundcloud allows developers access their API for use.

However SoundCloud does not grant developers any rights in User Content, and all developers must not claim or attempt to claim ownership of any User Content, misrepresent, their company or website as being the source of the User Content, or attempt to use, license or exploit any User Content on their own behalf or on behalf of any third party (other than the Uploader and with their express permission). When displaying or distributing User Content, Developers must ensure that such User Content is always correctly attributed to the Uploader.

This website complies with all the rules stated Above.

Any action taken on the songs here i.e (streaming/downloading) reflects on the User account on their Soundcloud account and also adds up to the number of counts of plays and downloads on soundcloud.(i.e when a song is played here it adds up to the number of counts on Souncloud)

We are ever ready and will Gladly take down offending contents immediately upon request if any of the contents here are in violation of copyright law.
Kindly send us a mail for an immediate take down.{Info@groove247music.com}

Lastly,we do not host any of the songs seen here on our servers, all contents seen here are directly embedded from artists profiles on Soundcloud and Audiomack and any action taken on any of the songs i.e (streaming/downloading) here reflects directly on the artists user account on the above mentioned platforms.


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